Vinyl Standard Weight Plate for Strength Training(MOQ:500pcs)

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Weight plates can be used to perform muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training, or to increase flexibility and balance

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Material: PVC + Cements
Size: 2.5-15kg
Color: Black
Logo: Customized
MOQ: 2000kg

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Vinyl Standard Weight Plate for Strength Training
Vinyl Standard Weight Plate for Strength Training

Bumper plate has an inner ring with a diameter of 1"/3cm,and fits any Olympic barbell, dumbbell bar or sled with a 1"/3cm diameter. The 1"/3cm Universal smooth hole fits on the Olympic bar nicely and won’t leave any scratches on your valued barbell. And thickness varies by weight that is between 1.6”/4cm and 2” /5 cm thick. Great for your garage gym, home gym, or Olympic training center.

Bumper plates are constructed of high quality thick Vinyl shell filled with cement; it’s the ideal material for weight plates. Which is sturdy to use antirust and wear proof, and without any unpleasant odor, provide a long service life? This pair of Olympic Weight Plates is designed to withstand your hardest workouts for years to come; the bright embossed markings are easy to read and won’t rub off, no matter how hard you train.

Product application

Vinyl coated plates are the go-to choice for your home gyms for a reason! These durable barbell plates reduce the clanging and clattering noise you often hear when working out with a barbell. Simultaneously their minimal bounce protects your flooring from damage and prevents accidental injury, especially when exercising with others, for safer training, even in narrow spaces. That can withstand repeated drops and with minimal bounce.

Weight Plates from Fitness give you complete control over your training. In addition to using them for strengthening exercises and endurance training, they can also be used to increase flexibility and balance or for warm-up exercises, as biceps curl, triceps extension, chest fly, shoulder press and hamstring curls. Work and strengthen your muscles more effectively including biceps, chest, shoulders, legs & more.

Each weight features grip holes to provide a secure grip during use; ensures a durable, reliable weight that will last through grueling workouts & the raised numbers help to easily identify weight sizes.

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