MMA Speed Ball for Boxing

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This MMA Speed Ball is made up of top-grade Microfiber Artificial Leather, reinforced seams and robust lacing, the FISTRAGE Speed Ball is built to last your multiple training sessions.

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Material : Leather

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 11 inches

Color: Black/customized

Logo : customized

MQQ : 100

Product Description

Introducing the "MMA Speed Ball," a high-performance training product designed for Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts. Crafted from premium leather, this speed ball is built to endure rigorous workouts and provide a professional training experience. With dimensions of 6 x 6 x 11 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between size and portability.

Product application

The "MMA Speed Ball" caters to a diverse range of training needs for MMA practitioners of all levels. Here are some key applications: Precision Striking: Use the speed ball to hone striking accuracy and precision, crucial skills for successful MMA fighters.Hand-Eye Coordination: Engage in drills that enhance hand-eye coordination, a fundamental aspect of effective MMA techniques.Agility Training: The compact design and responsive nature of the speed ball make it an excellent tool for improving overall agility and quick reflexes in the ring.Versatile Workouts: Whether for solo training or partner drills, the MMA Speed Ball adds versatility to your workout routine, helping you become a more well-rounded and skilled MMA athlete.

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