Adjustable Kettlebells for Beginners

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Adjustable Kettlebells are Versatile fitness tools that allow user to do Full-Body workout, strength training , made for men ,women, and home Gym.

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Material : Plastic+Iron

Size : 10-40LBS

Color : Customized

Logo : Customized

MQQ :300

Product Description


Crafted from a durable blend of plastic and iron, our Adjustable Kettlebells offer a balanced combination of strength and versatility.

The adjustable weight range, from 10 to 40 pounds, ensures that users of varying fitness levels can tailor their workouts to suit individual goals and progress at their own pace.

The customizable color and logo options allow you to create a unique and branded fitness product tailored to your business or clientele. Whether you want to match your brand colors or add a personal touch, our Adjustable Kettlebells offer the flexibility to meet your specific aesthetic requirements.

Key Benefit :

Floor-Friendly Design.
Versatility in Exercises.
Suitable for Various Training Environments.
Safe and Effective Training.

Product application

Perfect for home fitness routines, our Adjustable Kettlebells are compact and adaptable, making them an excellent choice for individuals looking to incorporate dynamic kettlebell exercises into their at-home workouts.Ideal for fitness classes and group workouts, our Adjustable Kettlebells accommodate users with different fitness levels, allowing instructors to tailor exercises for a diverse group of participants.

Suited for personal training studios, our Adjustable Kettlebells provide trainers with a versatile tool to customize workouts based on the unique needs and goals of their clients.A valuable addition to gyms and health clubs, our Adjustable Kettlebells offer a space-efficient solution for members seeking a dynamic and adjustable weight training option.

Supporting corporate wellness initiatives, our Adjustable Kettlebells can be customized with company logos, making them an engaging and branded fitness tool for employee health and well-being programs.

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