3-in-1 Foam Plyometric Jump Box(MOQ:300pcs)

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Soft plyo box is made of epe foam that offers increased stability and holds up to 440lbs for maximized safety. The heavy duty vinyl coating keeps it from wear and tear even with explosive plyometric workout sessions

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Material: PVC+EPE foam
Size: 3-in-1
Color: Customized
Logo: Customized
MOQ: 200sets/color

Product Description


Made of high-density durable foam, this solid compact platform is covered in thick grippy vinyl to reduce the slipping of your feet, supporting countless hours of workouts. This plyometric box is designed with comfort and flexibility.

This Foam Plyo Box will give you the edge you need in your cross-training, aerobic exercises, or physical therapy. It does not matter if it is box jumps, push-ups, dips, or step-ups; this box has you covered!

The 3 heights are clearly marked to let you control your level of difficulty, allowing it to be used for several full body exercises. Start on the 16-inch side to get an idea of what your vertical can handle. If (and when) that gets too easy, simply rotate the box, and add 2 to 4-inches, pushing yourself to jump higher and burn those calories!

Product application

By using durable foam in our construction, we have created a solid foam platform that can support countless hours of workouts. Compact and durable, this box is the tool you need to take your workout to new heights.

Unlike wood boxes, we have designed this workout box to be soft, saving your shins from scrapes and bruises. The material is a slip-free surface, meaning you can have stability with every single set of jumps. This plyometric box is encased with heavy-duty PVC fabric for durability during intense workout sessions. The slip-resistant surface provides safety and stability as you perform continuous jumps and exercise routines.

This plyometric box is perfect for either commercial or home use. The box can be used for strengthening and improving overall core stability through a wide range of cross-training exercises such as box jumps, box push-ups, dips, and sit ups.

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