Headline: Stop Being the Noisy Neighbor

Date: March 20, 2024

Built your dream garage gym only to worry about if the neighbors will be frustrated when you’re training? Creating a home gym space is ideal to choose the products you need, want and love, but the dropping of weights can be bothersome to family members and neighbors - even if they’re yards away!

Iron weight plates are hefty and produce tremendous sound when loaded onto barbells and used during an intense training session. Grinding out a workout can become a disrupting task to others in residential areas. The solution does not have to be going back to a membership-based gym or lifting lighter. Elevate home gym training by incorporating Rubber Bumper Plates into a garage gym setup. Rubber bumper plates standout from traditional plates in a small space because of the dead bounce feature as well as the ability to drop and load plates without creating intense noise.

Crafted for excellence, the Leeton's bumper plates combine durability, dependability and decrease the potential for separation. Bumper plates are a practical solution for safety and strength. Utilizing bumper plates ensures a safe workout for you & flooring. Dropping weight can be detrimental to flooring as well as barbells. Because of their design and compound, bumper plates are quieter and more versatile than steel or iron plates. For those training at home, the shock absorbing feature is essential because it quiets the noise made during a workout. This means your workout doesn’t need to disrupt neighbors, family members or the

The safer option for Olympic lifting and intense strength training sessions. Building strength is an exciting experience, but maxing out every rep ultimately leads to muscle fatigue and the need to drop the barbell once a lift is complete. Utilizing bumper plates ensures the safety of athletes as well as elements throughout the home gym space. Flooring separation and damage is less likely when bumper plates have a dead bounce feature.

A difference in durability. The Leeton's bumper plates are crafted with reinforced steel molded hubs, coated with a proprietary material that forms a chemical bond with rubber to prevent separation. This feature emphasizes the importance of purchasing bumper plates built with quality materials and engineered for training. In addition to preventing separation, the steel molded hubs establish a stability to negate wobbling plates.

Also utilize bumper plates for additional traction on TANK™ products!

Many people purchase bumper plates that are congruent with the International Weightlifting Federation, IWF. This is an important aspect of selecting the correct bumper plates because not all bumper plates are created with IWF standards, and this can become an issue for Olympic weightlifters seeking to compete in some capacity. What does IWF standards mean? The Leeton's bumper plates are IWF compliant because the 25 lb, 35 lb, and 45 lb plates are standard IWF diameter, measuring at 450mm. The 10 lb bumper plate from Leeton's does not meet IWF standards because the weight was engineered to have a larger diameter for increased functionality and safety.


In conclusion, Our bumper plates are a simple yet energizing solution for home and garage gyms. Engineered for certainty, The Leeton's bumper plates deliver a long-term solution to training. Rubber material ensures product longevity and safety for anyone participating in Olympic weightlifting, maintenance workouts or just starting out, bumper plates support you at all fitness abilities to deliver strength & safety.

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Post time: Mar-22-2024